Jose Rosendo

Web and Mobile Software developer



My name is Jose Rosendo Bienvenido and I am passionate about software development and engineering.

I can learn new technologies and work flows really quickly and love to team up with other devs to make great projects.

I really love progressive web apps (PWA) and for sure, multi-platform mobile apps.

I have mostly developed in Python, HTML/CSS/JS and Flutter.


Python - 90%
Wordpress - 90%
HTML5 - 85%
CSS3 - 85%
JavaScript - 75%
Flutter - 70%
Java - 60%

Studies, experience y certificates

  • Medium Level Studies in Microinformatic Systems and Networks

    IES Rafael Alberti / Cádiz, Spain

  • Superior Level Studies in Web Applications Development

    IES Rafael Alberti / Cádiz, Spain

  • Webmaster and Web Designer

    Hawks Gaming eSports Club

  • Graphic Designer and Video Editor

    Hawks Gaming eSports Club

  • Web Developer and SEO Analyst

    New Kings Coffee / Bristol, England

  • Advanced Certificate in English (C1) - Expedited by Cambridge

    Instituto Europeo / Cádiz, Spain

  • 3º Place in CyberOlympics 2017

    CyberCamp by INCIBE / Santdander, Spain

    Full mastery in use of Kali Linux and Windows regarding Inverse Engineering, Forensic Analysis, Steganography, Cryptography and Web Hacking.

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